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March 5th, 2012 healthwiki

Potatoes are the most basic carriers of carbohydrates. Whether they are backed, mashed, or fried, if you need to take in crabs in your diet, potatoes are the way to do it. Potatoes can help you gain the weight, add nutrition, provide you a balanced meal, and will keep you feeling full and satisfied once you are done with the dinner.

Sweet potatoes are helping the people get all the nourishment of other type of potatoes, while keeping the person hale and healthy. If you are on the verge of becoming a couch potato, replace the bad carbohydrates with the moderate amount of healthy carbohydrates, from sweet potatoes. They will help you get the best nutrients while taking care of the weight loss control.

The below article will help you get a better insight of the nutritional value of sweet potatoes and its effects on the health.

Calculating the Carb Count in Sweet Potatoes:

A medium sized sweet potato, sized at 2 x 5 inches will a full of 130 calories, four gram of fiber and 24 gram of carbohydrates.  Sweet potatoes are high fiber content.

The fiber cannot be turned into energy but the total amount of carbohydrates helps the person to get the desired energy. As compared to the russet white potatoes, these potatoes have a high amount of fiber in them and lesser count of carbohydrates.

Other Nutritional Benefits of Adding Sweet Potatoes in Your Diet:

Sweet potatoes are rich with nutrients, other than fiber and carbohydrates. Here is a list of the nutritional benefits you can get from potatoes:

  •  You can eat up one bow of sweet potatoes to get 4 times the amount of vitamin A you need in a day.
  • Vitamin C, Manganese, and Glycemic increase. You can raise the Glycemic index by about 50, and maintain the good score of blood glucose levels.
  • Special purple sweet potatoes contain powerful antioxidants. You can also get Sporamins, anthocyanins, and carotenoids by eating the skin of potatoes, as these antioxidants are greatly found in that portion.
  • Sweet potatoes can help to increase the hormone, adiponectin, which will help to mobilize fat in the body.

How to Prepare Sweet Potatoes to Gain the Best Nutrients?

If you want to start a sweet potato diet chart, get them from the grocery store near your adobe. A simple way of preparing them is by microwaving them for two to five minutes and then cooking them in the oven or the toaster on 350-400 degree Fahrenheit. After baking the potatoes, slice them up into large cubes and roast them with two tablespoon of olive oil for about half an hour. Eat them alone, or add them in a simple stew or soup. Use them as baked fries.

Yams and sweet potatoes are the same vegetables; Yams are used in the United States and offer the same amount of nutrients as the sweet potato roots.

Therefore, if you do not want to miss on the tasty fries, but still want to remain in shape, make sure that you eat the nutrient-packed sweet potato instead of the russet white ones.

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