Teeth Whitening – Best Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure For Brighter Looking Smile

August 16th, 2011 jessicamurphy Dental 0

Though dentists always advise us for regular brushing and flossing but that can’t ensure us a pearl white glow in the smile. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth bleaching and teeth whitening are there which a Pueblo dentist can implement better in your case to help you overcome the stained teeth problem more effectively. Through properly managed teeth whitening procedure, the dentist will not only bleach your teeth in an off-white or natural white shade but also make sure that they acquire optimum results in a stain free and brighter smile. The teeth whitening treatment procedure is being practiced by maximum of dentists worldwide and if you are really bothered about discoloration of teeth then can visit any nearby dental clinic to gather more details about its cost and effect. Also, you can refer to widely available teeth whitening video to know the way it works and ensures great result in whitened teeth.

Different Types Of Teeth Whitening

Basically two major types of teeth whitening methods namely power bleaching and laser teeth whitening are available for teeth bleaching purpose. Each of them can be accomplished within as less as 45 minutes time but can take half an hour to one hour extra incase more number of teeth require whitening treatment. However, there are few other commonly used teeth whitening procedures are there which you can take advantage of anytime. They are as follows:

1. Britesmile Teeth Whitening (In-Office)
2. Custom Fit Tray Bleaching (In Home)
3. Whitening Strips (In-Home)
4. Over-the-counter Gel
5. Porcelain Veneers (In-Office)
6. Brush-on Whitening

All the above mentioned whitening procedures don’t always offer the same results as some of them produce immediate results while others show up gradual improvement in the brightness of smile. However, they are affordable and easily available to ensure people great esthetic results. Some of the teeth whitening products can also be used in-house without the assistance of any cosmetic dentist. But when it comes to ensure best whitening results in quick possible time then a qualified cosmetic dentist is the one you really need to consult with.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Whether you are using in-house or in-office teeth whitening products, they work on the same fundamental. A strong bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide is being used in them to bring good whitening results upon application. When applied on the stained or discolored teeth, these products start to remove the visible stains and leave behind a sparking smile desired by many. However, the bleaching agent is always present in lower concentration in whitening products for home use. That’s why they take more time than the in-office whitening products to brighten the teeth.

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