Meditation Promotes Health In All These Areas of Life

April 29th, 2010 healthwiki Mental Health 0

Health is not just absence of disease but it is a state of wellness in which a person enjoys physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Health is connected to the total well being of an individual. Apart form environmental and social factors, there are subtle factors that affect the health of a person. A clean and pure mind is a prerequisite for healthy life. A pure mind enables the use of time, energy and resources in the best way. Stress or negative thinking has been identified as a leading cause of quite a number of major illnesses.

Holistic health encompasses total health of a human being in all four aspects of life — physical health, mental health, social health and spiritual health. Meditation promotes health in all these areas of life. Meditation regulates the physical responses of the body by eliminating stress and stimulating healthy hormones. It creates self-control thus enabling a person to remain free from negative influences and give the best in every role and situation. It empowers a person to deal with challenges in equanimity and positivity. Meditation alters the physiological and psychological response of the body remarkably. Reduction in heart and respiratory rate, and a drop in blood pressure suggest reduction in the level of sympathetic activity. Meditation aids the secretion of ‘healthy’ hormones such as endorphins and encephalon’s, which help, in detaching oneself from various kinds of pains. Meditation helps sustain deep relaxation even during active states of mind. Brain wave recordings of Rajyogis have shown alpha and theta waves even while they performed various mental and intellectual tasks.

The benefits of meditation go beyond relaxation response. A number of studies have critically investigated meditation for effective treatment of hypertension, diabetes, headache, anxiety, depression and heart disease. Meditation reduces the requirement of medication for pain and sleep etc. It is reported to be effective in de-addiction from drugs; alcohol, tobacco and can increase decision-making skills, overcome irrational fears, phobias and expand spiritual life.

One of the most subtle but critical factors that affect health is quality of our actions. The law of action is infallible — you reap what you sow. If we use our body to perform good and right actions then we will enjoy good health. Body is the temple in which the divine self resides. If we treat our body well then it will perform well. The seed of good actions is pure feelings and thoughts; hence, we have to make a conscious choice to nurture only pure thoughts. Everything that we suffer through our body is a debt of bad action that the soul is paying off. To enjoy good health we have to accumulate a stock of good karma by sharing the qualities of peace, love and joy in every thought, word and action.