Vow for Heart Health Here and Now!

February 15th, 2013 healthwiki Health Resources 0

Our heart plays an important role in our life. By this, I do not mean only love life but our whole life and every aspect of it. Our health is affected by the condition of our heart.

Our heart may be the size of our fist, but the repercussions that our bodies have face in case our heart starts malfunctioning are deep and diverse. You don’t just experience heart problems like suffering from a heart attack or a stroke or having breathing difficulties. But, you experience a wide range of health problems that stem from the basic problem of bad blood circulation, the obvious result of poor heart function.

You would think that nowadays all and sundry blabber about heart problems and how to keep those away. But, have you really gone through each remedy to actually disprove the validity of those simple yet wonderful measures that can keep heart problems miles away from you? Yes, sometimes the simplest of measures has the ability to work miracles within you if you follow them diligently.

One step taken daily in the direction of heart health is a big leap indeed that improves your complete life. It’s all about the conviction pumping in your heart that makes all the difference.

If you have ever experienced heaviness or tightness in the chest region, you are at a big risk of a heart attack someday. But, you don’t have to go into obsessive thinking or believe it to be your fate.

If you take care of your diet maybe not in a very stringent way but reduce one bad thing from your platter every day like cutting down on the number of outdoor eating events in a month to half, cutting down on multiple munching events in a day, and replacing at least half of the junk foods with healthful options, you start the movement against heart problems right then.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, don’t take it lightly. But, thinking over it and getting anxious is an equal dampener to your blood pressure. Just vow to take a step to cut down salt and fatty foods. Your next blood pressure reading or the next blood lipid report is surely going to show you the results you want.

The mistake that most people make is that they are reactive to the adverse circumstances that pose themselves as emergencies such as sudden shooting of blood pressure. This can make your life go in a sudden turmoil. Watch out for this behavior in you, and watch out for your blood pressure. Invest in a blood pressure monitor that you can keep at your home to measure your BP regularly.

A digital blood pressure monitor is preferable as it allows easy reading, is accurate, and quick. Even the aged or the less educated ones can us this with ease and comfort. When you monitor your blood pressure regularly, you know where you stand and save yourself from undesirable and often dangerous shocks. Don’t let high blood pressure take a toll on your life. Be proactive enough and pressurise yourself to maintain your BP under control.

Another commonly talked about villain that is a big hazard to heart health is Cholesterol. This artery-clogging fatty substance is a frequent concern that raises a red flag on the lab reports of patients. But, who is to be blamed for this other than ourselves? When we cannot keep away from the regular treats of cheeseburgers and weekly pizza parties, our arteries are bound to face blockages. Once you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels as per your blood report, make sure you stay on a regular dose of cholesterol reducing products as prescribed by your physician.

Moreover, if you cannot give up fats completely, eliminate saturated fats from your diet and continue on a bit of unsaturated ones. Unsaturated fats are a rich source of essential fatty acids which are not bad. In fact, these are good for heart health if taken in appropriate quantities, and they help reduce cholesterol levels within the blood. So, grab a walnut or a few almonds every day rather than eating that trash piece of burger lustfully. Nuts contain unsaturated fats that are good for health.

In this age of fatty fast foods, you must not wait to turn 40 or 45 to get your cholesterol levels checked. After you turn 20, make a point to go for a blood lipid test every year. With regular blood tests, routine exercises, moderate diet, and adherence to cholesterol lowering products, you ensure a heart pumping healthily with blood and life.