Scrubs For Men: For Vibrant, Healthy Skin and Clean Shaving

July 13th, 2011 healthwiki Beauty 0

Men’s skin accumulates a large amount of every day debris than can really impact on its appearance and health, to the point where it can hinder other necessary grooming activities, such as shaving.

Sebum (natural oil), dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and cosmetic residues collect on the outer surface of the skin and cannot be removed with soap and water, so a specialist facial scrub product designed for men should be included in a general grooming routine, with frequency dependent on skin type, age and lifestyle.

Exfoliation is important for men as it exposes the hair follicles which are buried under this residue, allowing them to get a better result from shaving. A simple exfoliation can be performed using a clean pure badger shaving brush, sweeping the tool in circles across the shaving area to remove dead cells. However, there are many facial scrubs for men on the market that will match particular skin type, age and lifestyle and make for better, lasting results.

Generally speaking, a facial scrub on a regular basis will remove the skin’s debris and allow it to breathe, heal and maintain itself and cut down on the clogging up of sebaceous pores, which can lead to blemishes, spots, blackheads and acne.

Facial scrubs for men are best when made from natural ingredients – often certified organic and even vegan – which are more likely to work in balance with the body, which will help the vulnerable skin on the face retain what it needs and simply remove what it does not. The products are varied because men’s skins are varied!

These ingredients can include aloe vera, algae and chamomile to certified organic jojoba and chamomile extracts, honey, kaolin, sunflower seed oil and pure essential oils to give a distinctive, lasting scent as well as potent health properties.