How to Clean Your Baby Ear Safely

June 23rd, 2011 healthwiki Child Health 0

New parents always want to take best possible care of their babies. Sometimes they cannot deliver the best care simply because they do not have experience. Very often, parents ask physician about cleaning of baby’s ear. Is it really necessary to clean the ear? How to clean them safely or how often we should do that? These are frequently asked questions asked by new parents.

Outer part of the ear can be cleaned while giving bath to the baby. It is to be done by soft, clean cotton cloth. But do not use any cotton bud or finger tips. Wax inside ear is protective and natural and rarely needed to clean it. But if there is excess accumulation of wax which impairing hearing or if there is pain, itching, tinnitus, you may need to clean them. Sometimes few drops of olive oil are put inside ear to make the wax soft, it is also now a days not recommended.

Soft clean cotton cloth to be rolled to make a wick and only that can be inserted inside ear to clean the inner aspect of the ear. Please do not insert any cotton bud inside ear, if you use cotton bud that will push dirt deep inside and moreover you may injure the membrane of ear or introduce infection. Doctors may use medicine to soften the hard wax but do not use these by yourself. Consulting a pediatrician will dictate you what to do and what not to do. Take care of your sweet baby.

Prof M Karim Khan