15 Myths about Chronic Pain

October 19th, 2011 alex

Sufferers of chronic pain are often bombarded with well meaning friends and relatives offering tons of advice and tips about chronic pain. A great many of these are not true; in fact, you can call them myths. If you suffer from chronic pain, you should deal with the reality and know the actual cause and treatments that are involved, rather than listen to myths.

1. Myth: Your Pain Is Imagined

Pain is a reality. Even if your medical practitioner is not able to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain, your pain is not a product of your imagination. It is as real as you are.

2. Myth: When In Pain, Don’t Exercise

Nothing could be further from the truth. Unless you’ve been ordered by your doctor not to exercise at the risk of muscle injury, please get up and exercise. Lack of exercise will only further compound your condition.

3. Myth: Painkillers Should Be Avoided At All Costs

Your doctor will prescribe only the required strength of painkillers for your condition, with warnings of side effects. Use your judgment when it comes to taking strong painkillers, but know that not all of them are bad.

4. Myth: Back Pain Is Only Because Of A Slipped Disc

Slipped or herniated disks are responsible for only 1 to 3 percent of low back pain occurrences. Other causes for back pain include muscular injury, spinal injuries such as lumbar fracture and so on.

5. Myth: Taking Short Acting Pain Killers Instead Of Long Acting Ones Is Less Harmful

Chronic pain cannot be managed with a short acting pain killer here and there, just because you want to avoid drugs. Your doctor will perhaps give you long acting pain killers for the chronic pain along with short acting pain killers for the breakthrough pain.

6. Myth: It’s Necessary To Do An MRI To Diagnose Back Pain

MRIs are excellent when it comes to locating the exact source of pain. However, your physician is likely to try some basic diagnosis and treatments before recommending an MRI. You’ll need an MRI if you are to undergo a lumbar puncture, or surgery of the neck and back.

7. Myth: Surgery Is Unavoidable If There’s Back Pain

Back pain could be from myriad reasons, ranging from a slipped disk at the worst to strained muscles. Surgery is not the one-size-fits-all solution that people think it is. Surgery is unavoidable in certain cases such as a herniated disc, but your doctor will inform you either way.

8. Myth: Only Medicine Can Control Pain

As has been proved many times over in recent times, alternate and natural pain relieving techniques are extremely effective, such as yoga, meditation, visualization, acupuncture, tai chi, therapeutic massage and so on.

9. Myth: Back Pain Is Genetic

Pain is not genetic. Pain is as individual as your body is. If your mother suffered debilitating back pain in her life, it does not mean that you will, too. If indeed, your mother did suffer the same way, it’s no more than just a coincidence.

10. Myth: Your Body’s Weight Has No Impact On Back Pain

If underweight, your back is not supported by sufficient musculature and you will suffer pain. If overweight, then the extra weight will compress your spine and squeeze your discs.

11. Myth: Pain Will Be An Unavoidable Constant In Your Life

The truth is, if you’ve got reason to suffer chronic pain such as a cancer or debilitating muscular diseases, you won’t ever be 100% pain free. However, that does not mean that the pain is unavoidable; try natural pain relieving techniques.

12. Myth: Continuous Rest Will Heal Your Pain

Resting continuously will only weaken your muscles and when this happens, your fitness level goes down along with your pain tolerance. Even if you are in great pain, move around now and then, do some stretches and walk if you can.

13. Myth: Your Body Is Hurting And Therefore It Is In Danger

Sometimes, pain indicates ongoing harm, but not always. Sometimes nervous system overreacts, or the body’s natural defense mechanisms haven’t kicked in on time. Fear only increases the perception of pain.

14. Myth: There’s Got To Be A Magic Method To Relive Pain

When it comes to chronic pain, multiple diagnoses are possible. Your pain could be because of mechanical, neurological or chemical reasons. There is no one magic method; you’ll have to try and integrate several therapies to combat the pain.

15. Myth: Only Weak People Complain About Pain

It’s the centuries old belief that being stoic is the only way to deal with pain. In truth, being stoic and ignoring your pain will only make it worse. Consult a doctor and try to find a solution and don’t care about people who judge you weak; they don’t know better.

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