Effect of Chemical Pesticide on Human Health

August 28th, 2009 healthwiki

In order to protect the crops from the insects, pests etc, chemical pesticide are used. But many producers as well as consumers are not fully aware of the ill effects of the pesticides.

Pesticide has the ability to kill living cell. As it kills the pest, it can kill the human cells as well. Many germs have developed defense or resistance against the pesticides. Some new types of disease have emerged those are very difficult to treat. Peoples are facing uncommon physical disorders as well as mental problems.

Vegetables and fruits sold in the market seems to be very attractive and fresh. People often become biased to purchase theses so called disease free foods. But they do not know that behind the freshness there are potential health consequences.

Due to the consumption of this sorts of food, the chance of developing several disease like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hair fall, skin disease etc. increased. Some pesticide has a long residual effect. In many places in Bangladesh, farmers use pesticide indiscriminately during growing stage of crops. This cause much harm in the long run.

We are very much concerned about our health but we are not properly aware of what are eating and feeding. So we have to have alert about our food and create awareness among the people. We observe that some law enforcers have become active to ensure formalin free fish, stop adulteration of restaurants food, melamine free powder milk etc. But pesticide used during growing vegetables and others agricultural products are under focused.

Instead of chemical pesticide, farmers can grow crops with the help of other methods like pheromone trap, light trap, manually control of pest etc. Government should take initiative to implement other methods to produce pesticides free agricultural commodities that are not harmful to human health.

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