Dental Implants Fort Lauderdale For Tooth Replacement And Better Smile Makeovers

December 26th, 2011 healthwiki

Are you losing the aesthetic appeal of your smile due to single or multiple missing teeth problem? It might be causing you a great discomfort in chewing and speaking and making you feel low in confidence. Dr. Kenneth Levine, an expert dental implants in Fort Lauderdale dentist can fix the missing teeth problem successfully with a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures but nothing can replace the functional ability and aestheticism of his dental implants in Fort Lauderdale solutions. Be it loss of one or more teeth in your case due to injury or tooth decay, he can ensure perfect replacement of tooth and create great smile effects with the help of dental implants. Though cosmetic in nature but these highly durable dental implants can restore your look and smile without the need of high maintenance.

Dr. Kenneth Levine has been practicing dental implants for the last twenty five years and helping patients to prevent the gum disease from spreading further. His solid background in implant dentistry has always redefined smile makeovers by maintaining a perfect balance between gum and dental restorations. When he sets dental implants into your gums and bone, be rest assured that your damaged smile can be restructured immediately with no pain but high level of comfort and satisfaction. Dr. Levine will also combine crown lengthening and gum grafts to help you reap amazing dental implants in Fort Lauderdale results in a healthy and perfectly balanced smile.

Nowadays, evolutionary implant dentistry procedure has made it possible for everyone to receive dental implants without any issue. Dr. Kevin has himself admitted to have used bone grafts in both single and multiple missing teeth patients to give them fully functional dental implants just one day after the dental surgery. He is an outstanding dental implants Fort Lauderdale dentist who can cover all areas of implant dentistry with advanced techniques like socket preservation, ridge and sinus augmentation process. To initiate your dental implants procedure and have access to radiographs and dental implant evaluations, contact us today!

Effects Of Dental Implants Fort Lauderdale

Through dental implants in Fort Lauderdale solutions, Dr. Kevin assures to bring you a whole lot of functional and aesthetic benefits that are as follows:

1. Natural chewing ability due to effective and permanent tooth replacement.
2. An enhanced facial structure for ever youthful appearance and healthy smile.
3. Natural looking and durable dental implants in place of often embarrassing removable dentures.
4. A natural look and feel with improved bite and chewing ability.
5. A more reliable alternative to fixed bridges with low maintenance requirement.
6. No shrinkage of bone of shifting of teeth due to missing teeth gap.
7. Better support for dentures which need to be placed on dental implants.

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