How to Get Rid of Freckles From Face Naturally?

March 24th, 2012 healthwiki

Freckles, as unbelievable as it may sound, are an accepted part of Western popular culture. You think we’re joking, don’t you? How about this then?: just how many books and films have you seen where they have a “farmer’s daughter” type character who strolls around in the mountains and is known by everybody because she has freckles? If you encounter a child who has freckles, there’s a preconceived notion that they are cheerful, innocent, and full of boundless energy. Say what you will, but people just find kids with freckles really charming. Of course, it can be no surprise when the freckles that gave you so much popularity then are now giving you so much “notoriety” as an adult. Strange how things change when you grow up, isn’t it?

A freckle, by definition, is a brown or tan macule on the skin that results from too much exposure to sunlight. There is an inherited tendency to freckling, and it is most frequently seen in persons with red hair. Freckles are generally harmless, but there are some people who “freckle” quite easily because of—you got it—sun exposure.

It can be quite understandable why some people would want their freckles removed; it is just like a remnant of their childhood that they have outgrown, but they still can’t move over it as long as they have these on their skins. Modern science may have provided us with the solution in removing the freckles surgically, but really, would you spend a three- to four-figure pay check just so you can remove something that isn’t even threatening your life in the first place? We thought so. It’s a good thing then that we also have natural treatments that can be used for removing our freckles, and the best part of it is that they can be easily found from home! Too good to be true, isn’t it? Okay then, why don’t you try reading on just so your doubts can be easily assuaged? You’ll see that it’s no hoax. Oh, you’ll see…

Some of these treatments can be literally easy to swallow, like sour milk for instance. No, it’s not the same as “spoiled” milk; sour milk is the general term for lactic acid products like yogurt. However, you have to fashion sour milk into a “mask” of sorts, so you can just as easily put it on your skin. Lemon juice, amazingly, is also an awesome freckle remover; just rub the raw fruit over your skin, and that can easily remove your freckles gradually. However, if you can’t take the stinging pain that comes with rubbing a piece of lemon fry on your skin (because of its acidic compound), try “juicing’ the fruit so you can be able to “pat” the resulting liquid with your fingers.

There are also other organic foodstuffs that you can put on your freckled skin, like

  1. vegetables (e.g. cucumber),
  2. fruits (e.g. watermelon),
  3. rice grains,
  4. honey, or
  5. onion.

Coincidentally, most of these foods are also used for the natural treatment of acne, so you’ll know that whatever there is inside the bodies’ of those ingredients, it should be something good. Please consult your dermatologist if you have any more questions.


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