Better Quality of Life For a Woman

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It is 21st century when people in this world have brought many dreams become the reality. We all demand for an improved quality of life. As a woman you have the right to preserve your fertility before you loose it. A woman needs to know available options are there for them, they just need to find it.

Cancer is not rare in younger women now-a-days. The necessary treatment for most of the common cancer types occurring in younger women implies either removal of the reproductive organs or cytotoxic treatment. Therefore, they will be loosing their capability to procreate partially or definitively.

Educated working women have been delaying initiation of childbearing to later in life; therefore they may need to seek help in preserving their fertility. Indeed, because of proliferation of techniques to preserve fertility the number of options is increasing day by day. Some established procedures include embryo freezing and oocyte freezing. Some are still experimental, such as ovarian cortex freezing, ovarian slice freezing, whole ovary freezing.

Egg freezing also called vitrification and embryo freezing are rapidly advancing, breakthrough technology useful to preserve fertility in certain circumstances causing infertility.

Because of variations in types of cancer, dose of chemotherapy, time available before the onset of treatment, patient’s age and the partner’s status, each case is unique and requires a

different strategy of fertility preservation. Furthermore, embryo freezing is impossible to an unmarried woman in Bangladesh, so egg freezing could be an option. Worldwide egg freezing has been revolutionised by the method of vitrification in which a woman’s eggs are extracted, frozen and stored. Later, when she wishes to become pregnant, the eggs can be thawed, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus as embryos. So you can restore personal autonomy before you loose your chance.

Dr Fatima Momtaz

Crucial Role of Zinc In Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and lactation are the special conditions when women need to have special attention on diet and supplements rich in vitamins like folic acid and minerals like Zinc. It is crucial for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and feeding the baby with optimum nutrition. As the demand increases, women should intake more amount of Zinc at this time. But most women are unaware about it.

The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for pregnant women is 11 milligrams per day and 12 milligrams per day in lactation. A report published in 1992 in American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that low Zinc intake was associated with approximately a two-fold increase in risk of low birth weight and low Zinc intake earlier in pregnancy was associated with more than a trebling of pre-term delivery.

A research published in medical journal The Lancet noted that by the sixth month of lactation, even a well-nourished mother may provide her child with insufficient Zinc. Breastfed babies who received Zinc supplements grew significantly in length and weight over those given a dietary source of Zinc

Rich sources of Zinc are oysters, beef, liver, seafood, poultry, nuts and seeds, whole grains, yogurt, wheat germ, tofu, peanuts and peanut butter, legumes and milk. Zinc found in breast milk is better absorbed than that of in formula milk. Fruits and vegetables are not generally good sources of Zinc.

Dr Shahjada Selim

Toothache Is a Common Symptom Experienced By People of All Ages

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Toothache is a very common symptom experienced by people of all ages. The painful condition usually occurs when a nerve in the tooth root is inflamed or irritated.

Various conditions may lead to toothache, among which tooth decay is the primary cause for most. Other common causes include dental abscess, gum disease, irritation of the tooth root, cracked tooth syndrome, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, impaction and eruption.

Often, toothache can be a sign of a much deeper condition. The severity of pain may vary, in terms of the sensitivity and pain intensity. No matter what type of toothache you suffer from, you should get it evaluated by a dentist.

During the condition you should avoid very hot and cold foods and drinks, as they worsen the problem. You can take recommended first dose of over the counter painkillers like Paracetamol to get instant relieve before you step into a dental clinic. However, before taking drug for longer period to get rid of pain, you should always consult a dentist.

Fortunately, these days, a toothache cure need not involve the extraction of the tooth always. Depending on the cause of your toothache, the dentist concerned will use different methods to treat it. If the pain is due to tooth decay, restoration by filling of different composition is done. If the pulp of the tooth is damaged, root canal therapy is usually needed. If the damage cannot be treated by these methods, or if the tooth is impacted, it may need to be extracted.

Consult a dentist when you have signs of infection, such as swelling, pain on bite, red gums or a foul-tasting discharge, pain longer than one or two days, pain with fever, trouble breathing or swallowing.

You can prevent toothache easily by maintaining good dental hygiene practices. Cut down the amount of sugar in your diet. Excessively sweet foods and drinks should be consumed only occasionally. Follow a twice-a-day brushing routine using fluoride-containing toothpaste. Remember to brush from above downwards; not side by side. Also brush your gums and tongue. Use dental floss to clean between your teeth. Avoid smoking as it worsens dental conditions. Get your teeth check regularly, and have them cleaned at least once a year by a dentist.

Dr Kazi Md Niazur Rahman

How to Cure Acne Quickly at Home

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Acne occurs in the form of pimples that sometime brings along black and whiteheads on the face, neck, shoulders, and chest or even at the back of the body too. It is considered the most severe skin disease that last for a long period and strikes almost every teen or adult. They tend to get severe and can lead to permanent scarring of the face if precautionary measures are not taken.

Even though with the latest scientific technology, it is hard to find a single cure of acne that could prevent it from happening or could treat it quickly, without leaving any scar behind. On the contrary, one can see that acne treatments use age old herbal products to cure acne outbursts. We recommend that instead of using harsh over the counter chemical products, you practice basic home remedies that are not only cheap, but also very effective with no side effects at all.

The foremost thing to follow up as a regular routine is to exercise and make the habit of having water at least 8 – 10 glasses a day. You may not believe it but exercise and a good healthy diet is the first critical step to healing acne.  Certain people believe that apricot juice can help to defect acne to the great extent.  Honey is the natural substance that extremely harmful for bacteria in the shape of acne or pimples.  Raw papaya juice is quite soothing for the red pimples. The most widely known method is applying toothpaste to fight against the bacteria on skin. Rubbing with vinegar and salt then after sometime, wash with lukewarm water. It is advisable to use only medicated soap only. Lack of sleep also causes the acne to occur. By applying turmeric powder for some time and remove it after 30 minutes.  The most effecting way for getting rid of acne is by using home remedies for a consistent time period rather than just for a day or two.

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